Welcome to Para Land Surveying, Inc. 

Our companies three generations of dedication to Land Surveying started by, now retired Robert F. Para, Sr. in 1959 and became incorporated in 1986. We pride ourselves in our thorough, accurate and knowledgeable aspects of the field and technical standards of Land Surveying and Land Development. We plan, organize and direct work of our survey parties engaged in surveying the surface of the ground to determine location of lot corners and elevations for new construction, retrace surveys and maps: we also research record and physical evidence, maps, deeds and other records to obtain data needed for the survey. It is our goal to satisfy you our customer beginning with a site review, thorough research, field survey and analysis to determine the true boundary, whether it be a simple tape survey, setting lot corners to the designing of subdivisions, our goal is to prepare a plan and design with the best services possible, to satisfy your needs and help guide you in the right direction every step of the way.



Services                                                Useful Links

  • Boundary Survey                                                                    Massachusetts Land Records
  • Topographic Survey                                                                www.masslandrecords.com
  • Wetland Survey                                                                      
  • Tape/Mortgage/Plotplan Survey                                       Hampden County Registry of Deeds
  • Property Line Stakeout                                                           www.registryofdeeds.co.hampden.ma.us
  • Engineering/Site Design
  • Subdivision Design                                                                 FEMA Map Service Center
  • Site Analysis                                                                             www.msc.fema.gov
  • Percolation Test
  • Septic Design                                                                          Mass GIS Online Mapping
  • (New/Repair)                                                                          www.mass.gov/mgis/mapping.htm
  • Flood Elevation Certificate
  • Plans for recording